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Petrina Krishnan, Singapore. Course: Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (Asia), online:
I took my Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (Asia) online course with TESOL College. I gained knowledge on the different components of IELTS and how it is assessed. The notes were clear and concise. A great course for those who want to be equipped with the relevant knowledge and teaching methods for IELTS.

David Coates, South Africa, teaching in Asia. Course: London Teacher Training College Diploma in TESOL Level 7, online:
I'm finding that my involvement in the course is having a positive impact on my EAL teaching by having deepened my understanding of it and I expect to see more, going forward.

Syed Shah, India, teaching in Saudi Arabia. Course: Certificate in Teaching Observation, online:
I learnt a lot during the course! It kept me busy throughout. Thank you Dr., thank you so much for providing me this opportunity. The material that you sent me is very educational.

Isabella Sya, Malaysia. Course: Certificate in Teaching Observation, online:
The online Certificate in Teaching Observation delivered by The TESOL College proved to be an advantageous integration tool into the educational sector as it clearly enhanced the integrity of my observational skills in the successful practice of teaching the English language. It also serves as a great complement to the LTTC Diploma in TESOL course! The duration is also sufficient timing for completing the 5 teaching observations - all instructions and materials as well as support were adequately provided for throughout so that one is not left confused about any part of the course.

Won Yun Ying, Lingehswari Eisvran and Mukti Jagdesh Chugani, Singapore. Course: Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (Asia) by classroom study at British Education Centre:

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