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London Teacher Training College Diploma in TESOL Level 7
Our online course for this comprehensive teaching qualification is the result of our partnering with London Teacher Training College and our experience with delivering for this award. From this experience, our partner school in Singapore, British Education Centre, has become the TOP school for number of students qualifying by classroom study with this Diploma in SE Asia.
Our course materials are perfectly developed to enable you to achieve the very best from the syllabus set by London Teacher Training College. You can complete this 180-hour course within 3-4 months but will have up to 18 months to complete if you are busy with work or other commitments.
This course includes a resume check and prepping for your teaching interview.
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Diploma in TESOL
Asia Specialisation
This Diploma is a full TESOL / TEFL teaching award and adds a valuable focus on teaching students from Asia. It especially gives you confidence for teaching in the cultures, education environments and language issues of Asia.
Unlike in most courses , we recognise that not all teaching is to late teens and adults, so one of our twelve units is TEACHING YOUNG LEARNERS, ensuring you are also ready to enjoy and manage classes of 6-13 years learners.
The Diploma is taken by online study with 240 hours course effort, achievable within 3-4 months but with up to 18 months allowed if you have other commitments and need the time to complete.
This course includes a resume check and prepping for your teaching interview.  
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Advanced Diploma in TESOL
Arriving later in 2019. Email for information.


Certificate in Teaching Observation
 A superb little add-on to a TESOl /TEFL Certificate, Diploma or CELTA initial teaching qualification. Observe video recordings of English language teaching and use your TESOL / TEFL knowledge to make informed critiques. 20 hours course effort. Available by online study and by classroom study through partner schools. Click for information.


Introduction to TESOL
A 30-hour short TESOL/TEFL course by online study. Click for information.


Certificate in English Pronunciation
An online 40-hour study course, rich in audio visual support content. The phonetics and phonology of English will become familiar. You will achieve confidence in the use of the phonetic alphabet. Variations in pronunciation in the native speaker countries and around the world will become more understandable! Click for information.


Certificate in Teaching IELTS
A 40-hour course to prepare you for teaching students who are taking this important test.
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Advanced Certificate in Teaching IELTS (Asia)
Probably the best preparation available to teach IELTS in an Asian context. 50 hours course effort. Click for information.

Teaching English in China
Teaching English to Chinese young learners from Henan province, China in English class on a summer school in Singapore.

Teaching English in Singapore

A lesson in intonation patterns of English is delivered to adult learners from China.

Teaching English in Singapore

Learners from China are using English for catering and hospitality.



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